Brooks PureProject - Release The Kraken (Passion Pictures)

Lulu Guinness - The World Is Your Oyster (Blink Ink)

Google Chrome - Speedbots (Blink Ink)

Talk Talk - 'Homes Within Homes' (Stink)

Swedbank - 'Under The Oak Tree' (Aardman Animations)

Morph - Licencing Awards (Aardman Animations)

Tatty Teddy - Christmas Star (ScaryCat Studio)

Change For Life - Me Size Meals (Aardman Animations)

Tatty Teddy - E Greetings (ScaryCat Studio):


"Nothing's The Same Without You"

"Get Well Soon"

"Happy Birthday"

"Happy Anniversary"

Change For Life - Simpsons (Aardman Animations):

"Dining Table"


Swedbank Under THe Oak Tree